People are, in most ways, freer than they have ever been in the history of the world. viagra 25 mg price

Throughout most of history, outright chattel slavery was commonplace (not just of minorities, but even within ethnic groups). De facto ownership of wives existed in almost every society until a century ago. Until less than a century ago, it was uncommon for anyone to travel more than a few dozen miles from their place of birth within their lifetime. Even a decade ago in “the freest nation in the world,” it was unthinkable outside of a few progressive areas for homosexual couples to hold hands in public. viagra generic

You have been born into a time when you can communicate with thousands of people like you instantly at any time. You can leave town for the weekend and see things daily that your ancestors could not possibly have imagined. Your job is almost certainly less physically taxing than any job any of your parents, grandparents, or virtually any person who lived prior to them ever had. Statistically, you’re going to live longer and better than anyone born more than a few years before you. Entrepreneurs are busy creating and popularizing some of the first tools in history that are more useful for undermining coercion than for furthering it. discount card viagra

You are the 0.00001%. Live like it. wieviel mg levitra

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